Rules and Regulation to be Followed by the Students & Parents

1. Any change in the child’s name and date of birth will not be accepted at a later stage.
2. Admission obtained by submitting false documents, date of birth will not be cancelled even at a later stage.
3. At the time of admission, both the parents and the child should be present and must bring the Original Birth
Certificate from the Muncipality/Panchayat and other documents for verification.
4. Parents are expected to encourage their child to do a steady and serious work, which is essential for their success.
5. Attendance is compulsory for all celebrations, especially on National Festivals.
6. No child is exempted from extracurricular activities without a valid reason.
7. All sorts of complaint must be addressed directly to the Principal and not to the teachers.
8. Parents are requested to pay the fees quarterly/ half yearly /yearly along with the requisite term fee,
extracurricular activities fees.
9. Only those students who have fully paid the school fees will be allowed to appear for the examination and school
leaving certificate will not be issued till the fees are duly paid.
10. Students failing twice in a class, at the end of the Academic year must discontinue His/Her studies in the school.
11. Students who misbehave will be given warning, which has to be signed by the Parents. After the third warning the
L.C will be issued.
12. Refund of the fees under any circumstances will not be entertained.
13. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school management wholeheartedly keeping in mind all the rules and
regulations of the school.
14. The Management reserves to itself the right of admission. Without giving any reason or explanation, the
management can refuse admission.